Another frequently asked question: what should men wear on their feet when they are wearing shorts? Well, unless they are engaging in a sport and are wearing the appropriate gear, wearing white terry cotton sports socks and sneakers with shorts is completely unacceptable. And – notwithstanding the fact that it is done all the time in western and northern Europe – wearing any form of sock with a sandal and shorts is also taboo.

There are only 2 stylish options:

  • A pair of sandals, thongs or mules without socks
  • A pair of fashion sneakers with “invisible socks”

Invisible socks are socks that cover your foot alone. They lie below the ankle bone and barely peek out from above a sneaker. The result is the comfort of a sock without looking like you are wearing one.

Please inform any gents that you know who seem to be struggling with this issue – they might be grateful for the information!


Mules and thong sandals from Kenneth Cole. WrightSock “no show” socks for sneakers. All are available from