Spring welcomed the resurgence of longer length knitted tops and T’s, and Autumn and Winter welcomes them again. Knitwear and shirting have also followed suit, making almost a decades’ worth of hipbone length tops and collared shirts look dated. While it’s a super idea to buy longer length tops, it doesn’t mean that you have to disregard the hip bone length tops and shirts in your closet. You can update them by popping a longer length camisole or t-shirt underneath, thereby adding the length and the interest of an extra layer.

Longer length tops are most flattering scrunched up to just above your crotch point, or extra long to cover your thighs (but still above your knees). Pretty pear body types need to stay clear of longer lengths that fall in-between the 2 lengths described above.

Whether it’s casual or smart casual clothing that you wear everyday – be sure to update the length of your tops. It’s current, elegant and practical – an absolute must for those of you who work from home.

Nordstrom has an excellent selection of longer length tops in at the moment. You’ll find a good section of longer length camisoles at Express for $26.