I never thought this would happen, but stylish knitted pants are back and I’m loving the look. The tables have turned after years of having it drummed into us that woven pants were the only way to go unless we were working out or lounging at home. But once again it is fashionable to wear a fab pair of Ponte de Roma knit pants as a chic alternative.

I can’t remember exactly when stretch Ponte de Roma fabrication was the height of its fashion, but it was huge in the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s. Now it’s back in the 00’s and has never looked better. The fabric is thicker, softer, more drapy, and extra luxurious. Once they’re on, you won’t want to take them off.

They are jodhpur-like and remind me of a very substantial pair of leggings. Only this time you can wear them as pants and not just as an accessory. They’re perfect for tucking into sleek or slouchy boots, and will work equally well with pumps, booties or ballet flats.

I’m excited about Ponte pants as a denim alternative on days when I’m sick of my jeans, but still want to wear pants. So the hunt for the perfect pair has began. Bet they’ll be fab as travel-wear too. Super svelte and so, so, comfortable.

Do you share my enthusiasm for the new knit pant?

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These examples are skinnies, but Ponte knit pants are also available in boot cuts and wide legs. Somehow, a wider silhouette in this fabrication spells frumpy, so I’ve stuck to suggesting the look in a tapered leg.