Inspired by the punk trend of the late 70’s and early 80’s, the leather (or faux leather) studded cuff bracelet is fab. It can add an interesting and unexpected element to either a funky casual outfit, or a sophisticated dressy one.

I adore the simple statement of a chunky cuff on a bare arm. Wear a fab watch on the other arm and you’re good to go. It’s clean, easy and visually effective. A great way to mix up your look when you want to give statement necklaces a break, which at the moment, I’m eager to do. I need a change of menu.

As with other strong statements (animal print, for example), stick to incorporating one biker inspired piece to your outfit at a time. Do not wear a moto jacket, studded belt, biker boots and studded cuff all at once. Too much and not so fab. I like the idea of creating a contrast, like combining an uber feminine black belted dressy frock with a red biker cuff. Quite yummy.

This trend is not for everyone. You do need a bit of edge in the rest of your ensemble for it all to work together. If your look is very understated, then a studded cuff will probably be out of place.

Made Her Think Double Row of Studs CuffLinea Pelle Double Wrap Cuffs in OrangeVita Marg Cuff Kettle Black Lace & Studs Cuff

I’ve found that cuffs like these fit more easily than bangles because you can usually adjust the size. As much as I adore the wide chunky version, my dainty wrist looks best in the narrower double-wrap style like the red example you see above.