The soft, pleated, roomy trouser has been an integral part of haute couture collections for the last year. Very 80’s. The revived silhouette trickled down to a few high fashion chain stores, but it’s by no means a mainstream look (yet).

This style is hard to pull off and for that reason I have my doubts as to whether it will ever become mainstream. Pleats on pants are often voluminous in the wrong way, making us look bloated and poufy, especially when the style demands a tucked-in top. Pant lengths that end around the ankle, or a few inches above the ankle, are leg shortening style suicide, unless they’re super tapered like skinnies or leggings.

But having fun with fringe trends is one of the nicest parts about being a fashion stylist. I have a trendy aspect to my style so I enjoy giving new trends a whirl if I can make them work in an effortless and flattering way. So, believe it or not, I’m attracted to the longer length trouser versions that are ruched at the ankle (you couldn’t pay me to wear anything leg shortening because I’d feel awful and that wouldn’t be worth it). The new LONG slouchy trouser look is interesting and different, which means I’m going to give it a bash.

When I do try the longer length style, I’m thinking of matching it up with a tucked in button down shirt or soft blouse, glorious belt and ankle booties or pumps. Could be fab, or disappointingly hideous. I’ll keep you posted.

Jung Harem TrouserCuffed Ankle PantsSuekey Zipper PantsCotton Chino Gaucho Pant

The cropped styles on the left do not make it through my style filter, but the longer length styles on the right have a little more potential.