You will normally find one or two pairs of ankle length pants in the classic ladies wear area, but this season they’re a trendy fashion statement. I’m having an apoplexy.

There is nothing more leg-shortening than a pair of pants cropped to around the ankle (especially if you have short legs to begin with). Unless you are extremely tall and slim, wear super high heels and have legs that go on for miles, STAY AWAY from this silhouette. Trying to portray the ever so popular “Audrey Hepburn in cropped black pants” look from the movie Funny Face is a bad idea unless you have a bod like Audrey (5′ 8″ and built like a string bean). In my opinion, even our Audrey would have looked better if she’d worn heels with these particular pants, or if her hems were shortened to midway up the calf.

There are only two instances in which ankle length pants can look remotely OK on us regular-shaped gals: extra-tapered skinny jeans with high heels and leggings worn with tunics. Skinny jeans with a bit of ankle scrunch and leggings that end around the calf are still more flattering, but if you’re determined to wear something ankle length, these options can work.

I don’t often vehemently oppose a style of clothing, but wearing pants cropped to the ankle is style suicide for most women. It’s so, so unflattering. Don’t look dumpy when you have the option of looking slender and fabulous.

Elysee Contour Cropped PantSkinny Ankle Pant without CuffLindsay Poplin Skinny Ankle Pants 10

The only ankle length pants in this assortment that I can live with are the denim skinnies with high heeled pumps on the right. Everyone else looks like they have very short legs. Awful.