After wearing neck-covering knitwear with long chunky necklaces in Winter, I’m ready for lower necklines and short necklaces. It’s refreshing to show some skin for a change and wearing lower necklines instantly sparks off my urge to purchase a fresh set of short chunky beads or eye-catching pendants. Enter Spring update #3 (I described #1 and #2 earlier this week).

I normally wear necklaces that incorporate some form of pearl, but occasionally I step out and sport a pearl-less piece that feels just as fab. This dear little arty glass pendant is a fun addition to my wardrobe. I smiled as soon as I saw it because it mirrors my Spring mood. I replaced its original cheap silver chain with a leather cord to give it a more modern, graphic appeal.

The fun, informal edge of this playful accessory makes my old clothes blossom. At a price point of $15, it’s amazing how it has refreshed my existing smart casual and casual ensembles. Mums-on-the-go I hope you’re listening. An interesting pendant looped through a leather cord is an unfussy addition, but adds an excellent textural dimension to a simple, casual outfit.


Apart from the new necklace, everything I’m wearing is between one and six seasons old (handbags included). I hope that this inspires you to start building your accessory collection. And once you start, remember to actually wear the accessories that you’ve purchased!