True to my word, I recently gave stirrup leggings a whirl. Love them! Arty, unfussy, practical, inexpensive and extremely comfortable. I really liked the idea of stirrup detailing on tights instead of pants, and what an improvement. It makes perfect sense to wear the look like a light-footed dancer instead of an 80’s ice-cream cone. But stirrup leggings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and I won’t take it personally if you don’t fancy the look on me.

While my new short zippered leggings are cute and refreshing, these new stirrup leggings have been something else. I was totally inspired after seeing how Vera Wang rocks ankle length leggings at age 60. There is something magical about the way the style elongates the leg line, especially when you add heels. I feel like I’m gliding across the ground like a graceful gazelle when I wear my frocks with stirrups. I probably don’t look nearly as elegant and willowy as I feel, but that’s okay. I’m going with feel fab on this one.

Geo Wrap DressYellow Sack DressBlack Sack DressLeggings Closeup

I have at least 20 different outfits in my existing wardrobe that work with my new stirrup leggings. Frocks that end just above the knee are an obvious pairing and you can see some of those outfits above. From a sleek mock-wrap dress on the left, to a voluminous sheath in the middle, and a reined in sack dress on the right (click on the images to zoom in). Shirt dresses and empire cuts will work well too. I swap out the frock for a pencil skirt and top when I need a change, and add a denim jacket or black trapeze jacket for air conditioned environments. I also like to throw in stacked round-toed pumps for a bit of extra glam.

The effect of stirrup leggings is not quite the same as wearing opaque tights because the vamp of the foot and back of the ankle are exposed. To me, the skin baring cut-outs of the stirrups look more interesting. Wearing shoes with low or strappy vamps like sandals, pumps or ballet flats is ideal because it keeps your vamp uncovered. I prefer my stirrups with heels, but they aren’t a prerequisite. Forum members Tam and Maya have perfected the look with flats and look wonderful.

I’m good to wear this look in Summer as long as my tops or frocks are breezy and my feet are cool. In fact I’ve worn the outfit with the citron frock in a non-humid 85 degrees and was totally fine. The look will also carry me through to Autumn with additional layers, sweater dresses and closed toed shoes.

I’m all over my favourite look of the season and have already duplicated my stirrups. Do you think you’ll try the look too?