Sometimes I purchase two of the exact same item. I don’t mean purchasing the same item in a different colour; I mean the same item in the exact same style and colour. Every season there’s at least one item that I find indispensable, but is bottlenecking at the cleaners or getting worn out through frequent use and laundering.

This season I found a finely knitted fitted black Edwardian style turtleneck with a back zip in a soft wool blend that does not pill. It goes with absolutely everything in my wardrobe, from jeans to wool skirts and suits to slacks. It’s the perfect layering piece and bridging piece that can be dressed up or down. So I bought two and have been living in them all season. Instead of having loads of different tops to wear with a handful of bottoms; I’ve changed the ratio around and worn loads of different bottoms with the same top and mixed it up with plenty of accessories.

In the past, I’ve bought two of the exact same pairs of jeans, white button down shirts, cardigans, knitted tops and fashion sneakers. And when I’ve done this, I have both items in use simultaneously, which is precisely the point. I’ve also purchased the same item in different colours, but this strategy does not work as well for me – I always seem to wear one colour a lot more than the other (the exception is Converse sneakers). Do either of these purchasing strategies work for you?