Your eyebrows frame your face and it’s imperative that taking care of them is part of your daily grooming regime. Some women need to shape, dye and fill their brows, while others require brow waxing and trimming. And there are also women, like actresses Kiera Knightly and Jennifer Connelly, who get away with dark bushy brows. Much like some hairstyles, this look is not for everyone.

If you have naturally thick brows and you’d like to sport an alternative full brow look, here’s what you do:

  1. Grow them out for two to four weeks. It can be just as frustrating as growing out a hairstyle, so hang in there.
  2. Pluck away the strays. You’ll want to encourage the natural shape of your brow to grow back, but you’ll want to eliminate the hairs that fall outside your natural shape.
  3. Create an arch. The full brow look is still shaped. You need to create an arch to frame your face.
  4. Trim if necessary. If the length of your eyebrow hair gets too long and heavy, trim them with brow scissors.
  5. Finish with gel. Applying eyebrow gel once in the morning keeps the hairs straight and in one direction.

I love full brows on the right face. It’s an instantly eye catching, strong feature. Experiment with the look if you feel like it might work for you.