Nothing frames your face quite like your eyebrows. Whether they are thin or bushy, looking after them is an extremely important part of “perfect polish“.

The perfectly shaped eyebrow is always about accentuating your natural arch.

  • For thin brows – use eye shadow to add fullness and a pencil to add shape. A pencil will extend the length of your eyebrow and draw a stronger arch. Powdered eye shadow will fill in the areas where hair is sparse.
  • For bushy eyebrows – if your brows are very thick or the hair points outwards; brushing them upwards first and then trimming the hair with eyebrow scissors is a good idea. Once you’ve done this – you can shape and shade as necessary.
  • For blonde brows – dye your eyebrows a few shades darker then the colour of your hair. You won’t believe what a difference this can make. Shape and groom your brows after you’ve dyed them.
  • Use gel – eyebrow gel or wax will keep your eyebrows in place for most of the day. The product lasts forever and is available at most cosmetic counters.  

If you can’t manage shaping, dying and tweezing your brows on your own – have them done professionally until you feel confident enough yourself. Eyebrow kits complete with powder, pencil and gel are also available and a good investment. Steal the time for your brows – your entire face looks alive when your eyebrows are properly groomed.