When skinny jeans resurfaced four years ago, fashion magazines and style experts were convinced it was a fad that would be gone in six months. Now we’re all eating our words as the look gets stronger each year. The upcoming season is no exception.

Our eyes have readjusted to the look of the tapered denim leg. We know how to wear the style in flattering ways. If you’re shy about your thigh area, this means tunics, heels and boots, instead of with normal length tops and flats. The right pair of skinny jeans looks great on anyone if they’re worn in the way that looks best for their body type.

So it surprises me that after seven fashion seasons and loads of style guidance, I still hear people saying that they can’t wear skinnies. Obviously, if you loathe the look there is no point in trying. So I’d like to get a sense of what the YLF readership thinks of skinny jeans. Do you wear them? Would you like to wear skinnies but can’t find a style to fit your bod or your budget? Do you like the look on others, but not on yourself? Or, do you wish skinny jeans would disappear. I want to hear exactly how YOU feel about skinny jeans right now.

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Mainstream retailers like Banana Republic are pushing skinny jeans as one of their 7 biggest trends for Fall with slogans like: “skinny jeans and rich layers give us a first look at what’s ahead for cooler weather”. That’s a huge statement. Skinnies are everywhere alongside their forever flattering bootcut buddies. There’s no stopping the force of what has become a well seasoned mainstream basic.