How can you maintain so called “perfect fit” when your weight keeps fluctuating 5 pounds? Especially when 5 pounds sometimes means a completely different size.

Certain items are definitely more forgiving with a five pound increase or decrease in weight. Baby doll tops and dresses, A-line skirts and frocks, voluminous clothing like trapeze jackets, cascading cardigans, big soft blouses, roomy tunics and boyfriend blazers spring to mind. These items are less likely to feel too tight when your weight goes up or too loose when your weight goes down.

It is with form fitting items like jeans, trousers, pencil skirts and sheath dresses that you can see, and more importantly feel, the weight fluctuation. For many of my clients the solution is to keep two sizes for a few of their wardrobe workhorses as well as an assortment of forgiving styles. This strategy has been less stressful than trying to stay at one particular weight all the time. There is a trade off though: the duplication implies a larger clothing budget or less variety in their wardrobe.

Do you find it hard to maintain perfect fit with a constant 5 pound weight fluctuation? What’s your wardrobe strategy for dealing with this? Do you have specially designated clothing for when you are 5 pounds heavier or lighter?