My legs are covered in spider veins. My dermatologist tells me that they are, thankfully, not a health issue. I could have some of them removed, but the results would be temporary and incomplete, because there are just too many. Two years ago I started the treatment, but stopped halfway. It was just too painful. 

So here I am two years later with more spider veins than ever, and in Seattle’s record setting hot weather, also baring my legs in skirts and dresses more than ever. Just as they are. And why not? My legs aren’t perfect, but they are healthy. They serve me extremely well, whether it’s racing around with a client on a shopping trip or holding a pigeon post at yoga. The fun I’m having wearing knee-length skirts and dresses trumps any remaining insecurity I have about the way my legs look. 

At 25 I would feel self-conscious about baring my pale skin at the start of the warm weather season, because in my circle tans were an essential way to look healthy and stylish in the Summer. Now at age 45, I don’t mind one bit looking untanned throughout the year. For me and my complexion, maintaining healthy skin by staying out of the sun is a much more important style goal. 

Spider veins and pale skin will continue to accompany my Summer outfits because that’s who I am. It’s empowering to no longer feel embarrassed about these aspects of my body.

These are small things, I know, but they used to loom much larger for me. I’m grateful that age has helped me to put them in perspective. As summer approaches I hope you too can put any perceived imperfections in their place and enjoy the wonderful weather.