Every Mother’s Day I dedicate a post to my late Mum, who passed away in May many years ago. She was the one who encouraged my interest in fashion and style from an early age. When I was 21 she supported my career change from Psychology to Fashion when my Dad needed a little convincing. 

Thinking back to my 29 years with Mama, it was the time before I was a teen and then again when I was in my twenties that we were the closest in our relationship. I had the best childhood growing up in Hong Kong, and my Mum had everything to do with that. I entered the fashion industry at age 22 and Mum was an instrumental positive force at that pivotal moment. Bless her for supporting one of the best decisions of my life. 

Mama never knew YLF, but she was there for our wedding in 1996. She was in her late fifties then, and passed away a few years after that. I designed my own wedding dress, and had it made by a talented 80 year old seamstress who my resourceful Mum found in Cape Town. Mum also designed her own outfit, which — true to her glam self — was a shiny column of warm earthy glitz, draped with lots of gold and garnet jewellery. 

This is one of the most recent photos I have of us together. It was taken a few hours before I walked down the aisle to my beloved Greg. I got ready for our wedding in my parents’ house and she and I had a ball. I’m wearing her dangly pearl earrings as the “borrowed” item for my outfit. We had a lot of fun organizing the wedding in record time, and I owe lots of the finesse of the beautiful day to my forever stylish Mama. 


All these years later and I think of Mama many times a day, both with a sad and happy heart. She would have turned 75 this year, and would have loved to visit us in Seattle. She’d have liked the food, shopping, Spring blossoms, Asian culture, pretty Seattle scenery, and our friends. But spending time with our Yorkies would have been the biggest highlight, because there are few people as besotted with dogs as my late Mum was. Her fiercely protective and unconditional love for her husband, children, and dogs is what I remember most vividly about her. A very precious memory. 

We at YLF wish you a very happy Mother’s Day.