Here are two styling ideas for cropped white jeans that you can probably pull together right away. The photos here provide a starting point for the looks, but feel free to create your own renditions. Wear white boyfriend jeans, cropped pants, flared crops, culottes or cropped skinnies as cropped white bottoms. Heck, throw in a white skirt if that’s more your style. 

Layered Cropped White Bottoms & Olive

Combine cropped white bottoms with a light neutral top, an open unbuttoned shirt and an olive topper. Feel free to leave off the shirt layer if that’s a stretch. Or create a high contrast with the underlayers instead of a column of colour. If it’s the bomber part of the outfit that tickles your fancy, wear one in any colour with the rest of the pieces. Finish off the look with metallic footwear and bag.

Outfit - 1

Layered Cropped White Bottoms & Grey

Combine cropped white bottoms with grey top layers, like a tee and cardigan. Or a shirt and jacket, or a pullover and vest. The belt is optional. Finish off the look with light neutral footwear and a bag that works with the palette.

Outfit - 2

If you’re a dress gal, combine an olive dress with white accents. Or wear a grey dress with a white jacket and silver footwear and accessories. Let those creative juices flow as you shop your closet for a fabulous new combination.