When we started YLF almost 10 years ago, I was inseparable from my pearl necklaces and had a strong retro element to my style. I loved romantic flounces, ruffles, ladylike flair, layers, structure, scarves, texture, and all the bells and whistles. But five years later and my style pendulum began swinging in the opposite direction. I stopped wearing my pearl necklaces and most of my scarves. I took a lot of the retro and romance out of my style, and enjoyed a tomboy vibe that was simple and less layered. I steered clear of garments with bells and whistles and wore spiked hair. My outfits were strict, less structured, and a lot less playful. 

Then, we came back from our trip to Hong Kong last February and again, my style started shifting. I wanted to grow out my spiky ‘do and sport outfits that were softer and prettier. I added retro elements back into my style during the course of 2015, and substituted girly blouses for my boyish shirts. I tossed a lot of the slouch out the window and brought back the tailoring. 

It’s been a year since the beginning of the last style shift and I’m embracing Modern Retro with gusto. I’m sporting wavy hair, scarves, pearl necklaces, outfits that are romantic, structured and flouncy, and appreciating garments with bells and whistles. I’ve changed my style moniker to “Urban Pretty”, and tweaked the five adjectives to describe my ideal style: Modern, Retro, Soft, Crisp, Dressy. I’ve replaced Bold with Soft, and Simple with Retro

I feel like I went on a five year trip that ultimately brought me back home. I enjoyed this “holiday” that took my style in a strict and simple tomboy direction, because it was where I wanted to be for a while. But right now I’m happy to be back home. Home isn’t exactly what it was before, because my style has evolved since the last time I had these style sensibilities. But it’s HOME nonetheless.

Has your style come home over the last five to ten years? Or does your style journey take you further and further afield over time?