I evolved my style more in 2015 than I have in a while, and it feels really good. Spending two weeks back in my favourite city Hong Kong earlier this year was the catalyst for the evolution. I came back from that trip in February wanting to change my hair, tone down the tomboy integrity of my style, and amp up the ladylike and pretty in my outfits. And so the next leg of my style journey began. 

Growing out my hair from punky spike to softer layers and sweeping fringe was a frustrating but worthwhile process. SOFT is a keyword to my style these days, and the new ‘do effectively softened my look even before I changed my outfits. My bright green specs are in their second year, and the best eyewear of my life. The colour makes me so very, very happy when I put them on every dayI’m still looking for the right white pair of specs, and hope to find them in 2016. 

I’ve changed my style moniker to Urban Pretty because it’s become increasingly important for my outfits to feel structured, refined, polished and pretty. So the five adjectives that I’ve chosen to describe my current style are Modern, Crisp, Simple, Dressy and Soft.

Fall 2015’s Ready-to-Wear collections from Prada, Bally and J.Crew also had a big effect on my style. They made me want to experiment even more with colour, think beyond blue jeans, and add a Modern Retro element back into my outfits. In some ways this feels like coming full circle because there was a retro streak to my look back when I was in my thirties. I recently wore one of my pearl necklaces, which I haven’t touched in years, and loved it. In fact, I might even change the adjective Simple to Retro. I’m thinking about it.

It’s been an absolutely brilliant shopping year and I’ve bought many, many wild cards. Now more than ever, I’m enjoying creating outfits with a subtle or deliberate ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s vibe to them. I’ll be continuing this leg of my style journey into 2016 for as long as it feels right in my head and heart.

I’m 45 years old and have never felt better about my style, my body, and creating a wardrobe that fulfills my needs. I’m relaxed about the process and enjoy every element of it. I have more fun shopping and putting together outfits with each passing year and hope that does not change. I’m going to continue to listen to my feelings and have fun with fashion till I’m a hundred and then some. Join me!

Here are my favourite outfits of the year.

Sea Foam Jacket

White Flares

Birthday Lace

Jumpsuit SAM

Shilshole Red Dress

Elegant Equestrian

Fall Proportions

Party Jumper