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Yes, I am biased, but I rate Hong Kong as the most stylish and fashionable city in the world. It’s just one of the reasons I love it here so much. Dressy and trendy outfits are part of the culture, so I chose this trip to debut my new high-waisted floral cropped pants from Topshop. Just in time for the Chinese New Year festivities. Although my relationship with cropped pants is complicated, I adore these floral pants because of their fun pattern, tailored fit and comfortable fabrication. The waistband comes up to my belly button, and takes me back to the ’80s. 

Floral Pants - Jacket Full

Floral Pants - Jacket Close

Three factors make me comfortable with the leg shortening effect of the high water length. First, the cropped length of the pants has to look deliberate, which means a length about two to three inches above the ankle bone. The hems aren’t that closely tapered to my lower legs, but they are close enough for me. Second, I extend the leg line by wearing tailored booties with higher shafts, thereby closing the gap that is created by the shorter length of the pants. I chose an old ink blue pair from Zara because they pick up the black on the top part of the outfit. Their low heel offsets the horizontally cutting line that is created by the high contrast between the boots and the hem of the pants. And third, tucking the top exposes their high waist which visually elongates the leg line upward from the knee. 

Floral Pants - Lanterns

The short-sleeved mock neck pullover is a new wardrobe essential that works with most bottoms in my wardrobe. The fit is a little fluid, and the shorter sleeve a great option for Spring. I like that the piece looks as Retro as it does Modern. A little ‘50s going on 2015. The high contrast top creates a horizontally cutting line across the outfit, but I’m going with just flattering enough. 

Floral Pants - Top Close-up

Floral Pants - Cat Street

The black mixed media L.A.M.B moto jacket is five years old and still one of my favourite pieces because of the cut, quality, tailored fit, and classic styling. I opted for a tonal effect up top, layering black on black, so that the bold pants take centre stage. The dark top layers match the dark booties, which pulls the outfit together. 

Floral Pants - Top

Floral Pants - Top

It is unusual for me to wear an outfit with this amount of Hard Edge. But the softness of the black, white and blush floral, my green specs and the white satchel add the Pretty back into the ensemble. This takes the look back into my comfort zone and feels just right. I also softened my ‘do by creating a cowlick instead of spiking up the top. Subtle red lippie adds a bit of glam. All the jewellery I need is my watch and wedding ring. I’m ready to rock ’n’ roll with dear friends and wonderful Greg. 

Floral Pants - Florals Close

Floral Pants - Jacket Side

This post is sponsored by Westfield Southcenter. Westfield is celebrating the Lunar New Year with a community celebration at Westfield Southcenter near Seattle on 21 February. Visit the Facebook event page to learn more and to RSVP.