For as long as I can remember, Autumn has been my favourite season. But two years of stunning Spring weather in Seattle have allowed it to claim the top spot. The trees are blossoming, the sun is out, the weather is mild, and the birds have lots to say. On top of that, the current Spring styles, Spring colours and the enormous variety at retail are tickling my fancy. I’m enjoying shopping even more than I normally do in the Fall. Wow, that’s quite a change. 

I mentioned in my last outfit post that my style is shifting, and the changes are well under way. First up is my hair. Instead of lifted and spiked I’ve chosen a new short hairstyle and it will take about six months to grow into the look. In the meantime, we’re still shaping my hair every six weeks so that I can enjoy the stages in between. I had this cut almost two weeks ago and I’m pleased with the result. Not as dramatic as my spike, but it’s a work in progress and I’m enjoying the softer vibe. I can also wear the front slicked back with a cow’s lick, which will come in handy once my fringe is too long to wear like this. 

Jacket & Scarf - Full

Jacket & Scarf - Side

Jacket & Scarf - Close

On this leg of my style journey I want to amp up the feminine integrity of my outfits with colour, tailoring, visible softness and pretty items. I went to Banana Republic to try on a classic tailored stone trench coat, but came home with a sea foam leather jacket instead. It’s neither blue nor green but somewhere in between.

Jacket - Full

I saw the leather moto and had them take it off the mannequin because it was the only size left in the store. The beautifully made piece fit well and made my eyes look greener, so I liked it right away. I was not entirely sure about the colour, but Greg loved it, saying that it reminded him of a vintage Fender Stratocaster. He also liked the shade with my skin colour and new ‘do. Passionate approval from my in-house fashion stylist sealed the deal, and I’m thrilled with my new wild card. It’s soft, pretty, structured, suited to my climate, and works well with the white and blue in my wardrobe. 

Jacket - Close

Jacket - Side

Jacket - Backlit

I debuted my sea foam wild card with white straight leg jeans, light grey pullover, flat white Calvin Klein booties, turquoise Furla satchel and a slubby oblong scarf. The light grey top and scarf are two more wild cards because grey does not generally make me happy, and I haven’t worn a decorative scarf in years. Spring is definitely my season for wild cards.



The light grey pullover is almost white and has a mint tinge to it, which coincidentally works well with the sea foam. I bought it in a Japanese department store in Hong Kong last month, because, again, my in-house fashion stylist wouldn’t let me leave the store without it. I too love the straight boxy cut, the crisp fabric, the shorter length that adds structure, a high neck, dropped shoulder seams and bracelet length sleeves. It’s the closest I’m going to get to wearing the round shoulder trend without it overwhelming my small frame and narrow shoulder line. I paired it with straight leg skinnies for a tailored vibe, which I rolled at the hems to showcase the high shaft of the booties. The white on white effect of jeans and bootie lengthens the leg line, offsetting the flatness of the heels. 

Scarf - Close

I woke up one morning and decided that after a four year break, I wanted to wear cotton scarves for Spring because they add softness to an outfit. I liked the idea of matching the scarf with my new bag to create a cohesive look. The scarf unexpectedly worked with the new sea foam jacket, so it was all meant to be. I like the outfit both with and without the scarf. The outfit is more visually interesting, rich and cohesive with it, but there is something soothing about the tonal effect of the outfit without it. Minimal, fresh and perhaps slightly more modern to my eye.

It pays off being open about colours and silhouettes when you feel like a style shift, which is why I list wild cards as a must have for the season. I’ve also learned that you have to be patient and relax into a transition, enjoying the stages along the way.

Jacket & Scarf Alternative