May is sentimental for me because it’s the month my Mum passed away. Her style was classic and very ladylike, and denim was not her thing. But she did start wearing jeans in her late 50s and she looked sensational in them. She chose white bootcuts because white denim is dressier than blue. The apple does not fall far from the tree. 

I have a good assortment of white jeans because they’re one of my favourite bottoms. I’m often on the lookout for the next great pair. With this season’s nod to elegant ‘70s fashion, a pair of white flares needed to be mine. 

After rethinking high-rise jeans and doing an extensive search, I decided the pair for me was KUT from the Kloth’s Chrissy Flares. Thick fabrication that does not bag out, pocket linings that don’t grin through to the front of the jeans, a sleek silhouette that’s not too tight,  a dramatic yet manageable amount of flare, and a good fit on the thighs and crotch point. 

White Flares - Front

White Flares - Close

The jeans are high-waisted on me because I’m short in the rise, making the waistband line up with my belly button. They needed a little nip at the back of the waistband and half an inch off the length to achieve perfect fit. I like my hems extra long — almost skimming the surface of the ground — because that makes them look more luxurious. I shan’t be wearing them in the rain, but if our super duper Spring and Summer weather continues, they’ll probably come out to play more often than I thought. I love these jeans so much I danced around in them when they came back from alterations. 

White Flares - Side

White Flares - Wall

I do not like the jeans worn with tops that cover the high waistband because the combination makes me feel dumpy and short in the leg. This leaves me with boxy cropped tops, fluid tucked tops, or partially tucked tops. For this outfit I chose the new ink blue open weave pullover from Massimo Dutti that I bought in Hong Kong earlier this year. It’s a chunky turtleneck that might look hot and heavy, but it’s made of a crisp cotton and full of holes, so it’s lighter than it looks and there’s plenty of ventilation. It’s definitely not a Winter piece. Although it has a high-low hemline, I partially tuck the front to showcase the high rise of the jeans. The oversized pullover does cover the rearview of the jeans, which might be the best aspect of their fit. Sensual and flattering. I will definitely also wear tucked tops with these jeans. 

White Flares - Coat Shoulder

White Flares - Coat School

White Flares - Coat Close

I chose my neon green Spring coat with cropped sleeves to top off the outfit because of its Retro vibe and bright colour. Neon green looks fresh with white and ink. The white buttons pick up the white in the jeans. The green matches my specs. I like the double-breasted style best worn open, which does make the silhouette look wide from the side. But it’s a fashionable swingy look, so I don’t mind the effect.  

White Flares - Coat Full

I’m wearing last season’s suede silver grey ankle strap pumps with the jeans because to my eye, light shoes work best and make the hems look even longer. Although I prefer wearing a one inch or one and a half inch heel, these comfortable and lightweight two inch pumps are manageable for shorter lengths of time. My new turquoise Furla satchel works with all my Spring outfits and has become a workhorse. No jewellery apart from a gold watch and wedding ring. And a bit of cherry lippie. 

My hair was cut a little shorter than I wanted last week, but at least it’s growing in the right shape for the style I have in mind. I should be there by the end of Summer. In the meantime, I’ll have to persevere with the in-between stages and hope that I don’t get too frustrated. 

White Flares - Sunset

White Flares - Sunset Close

My Mum died 15 years ago, and unfortunately my memories of her are not as vivid as they used to be. Wearing items that remind me of Mama helps me feel more connected to her, keeping her spirit alive in my heart and in my style. For that reason this is one of my favourite Spring outfits of all time. A sentimental outfit trumps them all.

White Flares - Path

White Flares - Side