White jeans have been in style for several seasons, and this year they seem to be available in an even larger variety of denim silhouettes. From skinnies and straight legs, to bootcuts, flares, boyfriend jeans, shorts, overalls and cropped styles. And the whites vary from bright optical white and off-white, to a greyish bone and warm cream. Take your pick. 

I am a HUGE advocate of white jeans, and here’s why: 

They Are Crisp, Graphic, Fresh and Summery 

There is something about adding white denim to an outfit that makes it look extra crisp and fresh. It also looks more graphic than blue, grey or black denim. White jeans look fabulously modern to my eye, especially when you wear them in the Autumn and Winter. 

They Are Bright

White is a bright neutral. Combine white jeans with a neutral top, footwear and bag, and the visual effect of your outfit will be bright and bold sans the use of bright colours. Genius. 

They Work Extra Well with Pastels 

Pastel tops and footwear look especially good with white bottoms. Match pastel tops and footwear with black and grey bottoms and the effect isn’t as punchy. White bottoms bring out light blue, blush, mint and lilac. Furthermore, white denim is absolutely smashing with black tops, providing a more Summery way to wear black. 

They Are Dressier Than Blue Denim 

When you don’t feel like wearing formal trousers or a skirt, but faded blue denim feels too casual, white jeans are a great option. They are a lot dressier than faded denim if they aren’t ripped or torn. Many of my business casual clients aren’t allowed to wear blue jeans to work, but a polished pair of white jeans is perfectly acceptable. I find that white jeans are the ideal level of dressiness for many settings, which makes them very practical and versatile. 

For my style, white jeans are an absolute wardrobe essential, and one of my very favourite things. I have five pairs across skinnies, straight legs and boyfriends that I wear year round and very frequently. And I always seem to be looking for more. 

Most of my clients, across all body types, sizes and ages, wear white jeans. I say it every year: We can all wear white jeans. You don’t need to be slim in the leg, waist and thigh, to wear a small size. My US size 14 and 16 clients look as good wearing white jeans as those who wear smaller sizes. It’s a question of getting the fit and fabric right. Here are 12 tips for feeling fab in white bottoms to refresh your memory.

Over to you. Are you wearing white jeans? If so, why do you like wearing them, and do these reasons resonate with you?