Brown is making a fashionable comeback and we are seeing all four dark neutrals making a statement for Fall 2014. So I’m interested in hearing about your favourite shades of brown. You are on Team Chocolate if you prefer shades of dark brown, both cool and warm toned. You are on Team Taupe if you prefer cool, mid-tone browns. You are on Team Cognac if you prefer warm mid-tone browns, like the colours of chestnuts and hazelnuts. 

I don’t like to wear dark brown simply because it doesn’t make me happy. I have no logical explanation because this is purely an emotional reaction to the colour.

Cognac, on the other hand, is a “bright” brown, almost an orange-lite, and it does make me happy. I have a studded cognac belt that sees quite a bit of action. The cognac elbow patches on both my Smythe jackets make me smile. The cognac trim on my Okala pumps and cheetah footwear too. And I have a very old, very groovy cognac ‘70s leather jacket that I love.

I have one pair of great taupe booties, but that’s the only taupe in my wardrobe. The colour is too cool to wear against my complexion.

By now it should be obvious: I bat for Team Cognac. And I have cognac booties and bag on my shopping list for Fall. 

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Chocolate, Team Taupe or Team Cognac? Tell us why, and no batting for more than one team. If you can’t pick a side, there are crispy rosemary chicken wings on the bench with Dutch chocolate gelato for dessert.