This ensemble was inspired by four magnificent neutrals that are finally coming together for Fall 2014. We’ve seen black and grey dominate retail for many, many seasons. Dark blue made a stylish return a few years ago and continues to gain momentum. And brown is making a fashionable comeback after laying low for seven years. 

The point of the ensemble is to wear all four neutrals in one outfit. This is a very 2014 look because gone are the days when it was considered a faux pas to wear black with brown, or black with dark blue. Don’t worry about itJust wear it. Pair a dark blue jacket or top with black shoes. Wear a chocolate top with a black skirt, grey footwear and ink bag. Combine a navy pullover with black trousers, charcoal jacket and cognac footwear and bag. The possibilities for this modern take on darker neutrals is endless, and are a great alternative to wearing black and grey from head to toe. 

I’ve shown a few combinations in the ensembles below, and threw in a print for good measure. I’ve chosen a warm and rich cognac because it’s my favourite shade of brown. But all shades of brown will work, as will all shades of grey. Denim blue can replace the ink if that makes things easier. 

Outfit on the Left 

Combine light or dark grey trousers with a dark blue top like a blouse, shirt, tee or pullover. Layer over a jacket in a false plain (black and grey tweed), or a black jacket. Finish off with brown footwear and bag. A black moto would work really well too. Or swap things around by wearing black trousers and a grey jacket.

Outfit in the Middle

The next rendition is a lot more casual because faded denim represents the blue in the ensemble. It’s probably the easiest to pull together with items from your closet. Combine a grey top with blue jeans and a black jacket. Add a cognac belt and bag, and your choice of ink, black or grey footwear. Any style of black jacket is fab. Or wear cognac footwear and belt with a black or ink bag. 

Outfit on the Right

The last rendition includes a pattern and a skirt. Combine a black skirt with a grey top and ink patterned jacket. Finish off with a cognac bag and black footwear. Or wear the ink pattern on the skirt with a black jacket. Dark brown accessories will work too. More subtle but just as fab. Note that the pattern is quite neutral, and doesn’t veer too far from the palette. 

Ensemble: Ink, Brown, Grey and Black

Finish off the look with jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired. An animal print in shades of brown like cheetah, snakeskin and leopard is a great way to incorporate the brown part of the ensemble. And last, here are two more outfits that incorporate all four neutrals, AND add white into the mix. Five neutrals in one outfit. I love it.

Two Outfits