Have you ever used a fashion or beauty subscription service? Are you a fan? Then have a peek at StyleCaster’s roundup of The 8 Best Monthly Fashion Subscriptions that Deliver to Your Door.

For many people, the surprise element is one of the main selling points of subscription services, as you get to discover new brands and products each time a parcel arrives on your doorstep. However, for some, like The Guardian’s beauty writer Sali Hughes, that’s precisely what puts them off this type of service.

Popular beauty delivery company Birchbox, that started as an online subscription service, has recently opened its first brick-and-mortar store in Manhattan.

Not exclusively fashion-related, but I found this breakdown of 6 Rules to Live by When Starting a Subscription Business an interesting read.

Fab Links from Our Members

Kellygirl found this article about the Harvard Women’s Rugby Team posing for a photo series that celebrates body love and acceptance inspiring. “Lots of different body types, and every one of them fit and strong,” she added.

Anne likes red recommends listening to this radio report about textile testing at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Amber, who was recently featured on YLF, had a fun and “adventurous” day at the beach. Lyn* loves that both Amber and Angie represent their true selves on their blogs: “there’s nothing artificial and photoshopped to make them look like they have perfect lives.”

In this Refinery29 article, 8 French women share their secrets on how to look great every day. Angie thought it a very interesting read.

Alana in Canada reports that Anuschka over at Into Mind is offering a workbook for wardrobe building that will be available on August, 5.

Milehighstyle (Linda) and La Belle Demimondaine both loved Unfancy’s tip on how to add variety to a tiny wardrobe.

Ummlila points us to Vanity Sizing: Compare These 25 Retailers at Your Local Mall.

Prince George turned one on 22 July, and Women’s Wear Daily celebrated with a roundup of his first year’s fashions. MsMary says “he’s obviously following in the footsteps of his Mum and late grandmother.” And adds that “those chubby cheeks are the perfect accessory.”