Footies are often called sock liners or no-show socks. You wear them in closed shoes like pumps, loafers, ballet flats, sneakers or oxfords, to create the comfort of a sock without its visual impact. I’ve tried footie after footie, but they all slide off my feet when I walk. For years I gave up the idea of wearing footies and went back to wearing loafers, pumps, flats and sneakers barefoot, which I don’t mind doing.

Then someone on our forum suggested trying kids sized footies when you have small feet that are low volume. I wear a US size 6.5. or Euro 36/37. So in the spirit of leaving no retail stone unturned, I bought a pair of M/L footies for size 12 to 5 kids shoes to road-test the suggestion. They fitted more snugly on my feet than footies for ladies, which was a good sign. I put them through their paces last week with loafers and sneakers, and they stayed on my feet beautifully. They didn’t slide off at all with my loafers. Not once. I was wowed. They slid off a few times with my sneakers, but only on the left foot. All in all though, I’m pleased with the result and will stock up on the footie. 

FootiesI can’t find the footies that I bought in the Nordstrom kids department online, but here is the exact same product for small kids. They are beige with perforation holes, and come up quite high on the vamp. I don’t think they will work for feet larger than a US size 7 because they’re quite short. But if you wear a smaller size, they might be worth a try.