A recent post on high-rise jeans caused a gentle stir in the comments section about the size of your bottom in the silhouette. The concern was that your bottom looks larger in high-rise jeans and trousers when you tuck your top to showcase the waistband. Of course this is not the case when leaving tops untucked, or partially tucked in front, because then your bottom is covered.

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It’s true. Showcasing your high rise makes your bottom look larger. Conversely, a lower back rise with a tucked top makes it look smaller.

I’m probably in the minority but I LIKE the look of a longer and larger gluteus maximus in fitted high-rise jeans and trousers. For one thing, it lengthens the leg line from the thighs upward. For another, the accentuated curves and defined waistline are sensual. To my eye, these proportions can be very attractive on petite, regular and plus size women. Gone are the days when reducing the size of your bottom was best.

I do agree that showcasing the waistband of high-rise jeans and trousers with a tucked top looks a bit off when you’re very short-waisted, because the silhouette shortens the torso even further (especially when you’re large in the bust).

So I vote yay for larger butts in high-rise jeans and trousers if it doesn’t make your torso look disproportionately short.

What’s your take?