I prefer low-rise jeans and trousers because I find the fit more comfortable around my midsection. I remember wearing baggy and pleated high-rise jeans in the ‘80s and persevering with that stiff fabric digging into my waist, especially when sitting down. Eleven years ago I tried a few pairs of high-rise bootcut jeans with a little stretch. I even came home with a pair because I thought the extra coverage and added stretch would make them more comfortable. But alas, the denim was still too hard despite the 2% spandex. I vowed I would not be purchasing high rises again in future. 

Many years and many low rises later, I unexpectedly fell in love with a pair of floral high-waisted cropped pants. Their scuba fabric, which is very soft and a little stretchy, made them extremely comfortable. They have become a wardrobe workhorse. I started to think that perhaps the soft waistbands on non-denim bottoms made them workable for me.

Then I found two pairs of comfortable, high-rise denim jeans that I love. Both the Gap Resolution Slim Straight Skimmers and KUT from the Kloth Chrissy Flares are fabulous because of their cut, slight stretch and soft denim fabric. They might not look high rise on the model but they are absolutely high rise on me. I have a relatively short rise and both waistbands of these jeans are in line with my belly button.

I was dead set against high-rise jeans after previous bad experiences. But when the new styles tickled my fancy, I tried them again anyway and was pleasantly surprised. Often it is the small details — in this case soft structured denim — that can make the new incarnation of a trend more wearable than it was the last time around. 

And now that I have found the right jeans, I can comfortably sport casual, boxy cropped tops.