Angie, thanks again for posting your reflections on your evolving style. I learn so much from hearing about your process and engaging in a bit of reflection of my own. And thanks to everyone else who has done the same; I've enjoyed reading about where you are in your fashion (and other) journeys.

This will be long, so if you don't want to read, please do not. I like to write it all down to make better sense of it.

2015 was a year of many changes for me. I quit my full time job, picked up additional contract work, and travelled to Israel, China, the west and east coasts of Canada, and to Iowa. I also made monthly shorter trips to places such as Toronto, Stratford, Montreal, Ottawa, and more. I went back to school as a (much older) student and as part of that arrangement I also returned part-time to teaching. I tried to continue with my creative work. I parented a teen (enough said!!). We also (quite suddenly) ended up caring for and housing another teen for several months -- one we do not know well and who has significant problems. He is living with us again temporarily as I write. And this summer, my mother died in a matter of days following a brutal fall and knock to her head; I had to rush home from China to be with her.

It has been a lot to bear, and to tell the truth, I wasn't able to put fashion at the top of my list. Luckily, my wardrobe was up to the challenge. 2015 was the "year of the working wardrobe" for me, thanks to YLF. I did edit, prune, shop, and augment my closet. But for months and months at a time I just enjoyed what I had and made it work together. Basically, I concentrated all shopping into about four short periods (for seasonal needs) and apart from that, didn't bother.

On Deb's recent post I noted that I made 47 purchases (not counting undies and gear or jewellery). I also retired 32 or 33 items. So while I haven't quite reached the point of one-in-one-out, it's clear that my wardrobe is finally assuming an appropriate size for my needs. (For those who are new, I've been on YLF for five years and have been building a wardrobe from the ground up after significant weight loss. I had to buy everything -- and I've had to develop a style persona as well. Obviously, I have made some mistakes and missteps on the way and have had to wait to make some purchases.)

I feel pretty good about the size and functionality of my closet and my evolving style. I have somewhere between 120 and 140 items for my 4 season climate (including coats and footwear) and that seems to be working quite well. I certainly don't need more; I could possible reduce a bit -- but I do enjoy this variety and nothing goes completely unworn (although obviously some pieces get less frequent wear).

Here again are some of my favourite outfits and purchases for the year, in no particular order.

Thanks, everyone, for your support and fashion advice over the past year! It's so great to come here to share the fun of a new purchase, the frustration of a fashion fail, or the joy of a tried and true combination that never lets me down. You are all inspirations!

I'll be back tomorrow with some thoughts about where I might be headed in 2016!

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