Another year with hundreds more blog posts under our belt. That’s a lot of writing, thinking, photography, and brilliant engagement from our readership in the comments section. The number of blog comments are not a reliable indicator of the value of a post — not by a long shot — but it’s interesting to see which posts generate the most discussion. 

Here are ones that received between 90 and 165 comments: 

There are also some posts that didn’t generate quite as much discussion, but that I really enjoyed writing. I am most proud of the posts where I feel that I was able to break down a topic and provide helpful, tangible advice that you can easily put into practice.

Our 2015 survey results confirmed that our readers like these sorts of posts too. The most popular posts on YLF are those that cover detailed style advice. Good thing I enjoy writing them!

Over to you. Do you have any favourite YLF blog posts from 2015?