Yorkie BroochA good few years ago I was helping my client Joan edit her abundant collection of accessories. Amidst the amazing scarves, necklaces, earrings and belt buckles was a quirky collection of vintage costume jewellery. I was listening to Joan’s colourful stories about the pieces when a little face caught my eye. My heart went pitter patter and I gasped. A Yorkshire Terrier brooch! 

It was a vintage piece from the ‘60s that Joan had inherited from her Mother. Like me, Joan’s Mum was besotted with Yorkies. When she passed away Joan inherited the brooch and she adopted Trevor, her Mum’s Yorkie. Trevor stole Joan’s heart and the brooch became an extremely sentimental piece that lives on her denim jacket in Summer and on her rust coat in Winter. It garners compliments wherever she goes.

Years went by, but all the recent talk about brooches trending for Fall and Winter reminded me of the beautiful piece. So on a complete whim, not holding out any hope, I typed “yorkie brooches” into the search box. To my amazement, the EXACT same vintage brooch from the ‘60s was available at Etsy. I couldn’t believe my luck! I immediately sent email to Joan to tell her about my find.

The next day I was all set to buy it when my heart sank to the bottom of my feet. The brooch had been sold overnight. With a heavy heart I emailed Joan to tell her that it wasn’t meant to be. That the brooch was sold to someone else. “Yes, I know…” she replied, “to moi! Pour vous!” 

I was speechless.

A few days ago a little package arrived in the mail. Inside was the most incredible brooch of all time and a beautiful Yorkie card. I wept. I am overwhelmed by Joan’s generosity and thoughtfulness. I will treasure my priceless Yorkie brooch, and wear it with a very happy heart.

Card & Brooch