As Inge mentioned in the Link Love post last week, brooches are making a comeback. Designers like Chanel, Prada, Suno and Balenciaga accessorized all sorts of outfits with brooches for Fall Ready-to-Wear 2015 as a nod to Retro Futurism. Outfit maximalism is just as trendy as outfit minimalism these days. Love that.  

Brooches cover a range of personas. Vintage, quirky, modern, shiny, matte, bold, subtle, delicate, chunky, hard, soft, neutral, colourful, casual, dressy or abstract, so take your pick. There’s something conversational and playful about a brooch which makes them a fun jewellery item. They are also good pieces to pick up at consignment stores.

Think of all sorts of ways to incorporate brooches into your outfits. Here are some ideas to get you started:

I was inspired by the brooches on the pullover to the right, thinking how easily the look could be recreated with a similar item of knitwear. The concept would also work with a tie-front or pussy bow blouse. The effect is much like wearing a necklace without the chain. 

I wore brooches to death in the ‘80s because Duran Duran’s new wave looks inspired my brooch style enormously back then. I skipped the brooch trend for twenty years, but had a ball with floral pins in the early 00’s. It seems I need at least a decade to pass before I add brooches back into my style because I’m feeling them again. They look fresh! They can liven up the appearance of pullovers like the ones below.

The V-neck sweater with detachable scarf is begging for a brooch to complement it (pinned onto the knotted part of the scarf). And the right brooch might make me feel happier about wearing charcoal grey. I just have to think about how the right brooch will work with my modern apple green specs. I’m thinking vintage and gold for a fun juxtaposition.

Over to you. Are you inspired to wear brooches for Fall and Winter?