Brooches popped up again in the Fall/Winter 2015 runway shows earlier this year, from oversized versions at Prada to Les Copains, Balenciaga, and Suno. They can be true statement pieces, and I’m curious to hear who’s ready to embrace this trend.

PopSugar points out that the timing for this comeback is right: “With the influx of capes on the Fall 2015 runways, a good brooch can actually serve its original purpose as a practical fastener. Decorative and functional.”

The Guardian’s roundup of eye-catching brooches offers lots of options to add a bit of bling and flair to your outfits. While this article provides some suggestions on how to wear fine jewellery antique brooches.

Fab Links from Our Members

Imogen’s post about why people don’t dress up anymore struck a chord with Joy because she believes we can influence others and encourage better dress when we do it consistently ourselves.

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Caro in Oz loved this take on “flattering” clothes. A very interesting experiment for sure!

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Angie refers us to Sally’s post about four good DIY clothing alterations that can refresh the look of older wardrobe items. Good stuff.

This verbal description of how to do juxtaposition opened L’Abeille’s eyes to a couple she hadn’t thought of before. She adds: “This is the wordy version of what Angie shows us visually with her Polyvores. Maybe it will help things click in place for someone else.”