I’m a huge fan of combining a shade of orange with a shade of blue. Rust is a brown shade of orange and navy is a dark shade of blue. The combination screams Autumn and is one way to warm up a blue, or cool down an orange. Feel free to use ink — an extra dark shade of navy — instead of a classic navy. This is an especially fabulous combination for redheads. 

Think of ways to combine these colours through solids and patterns. I’ve started the ball rolling with three renditions.

Rust Top & Navy Bottom

It’s easy to combine a navy skirt or pair of pants with a rust blouse or pullover. But think of patterns too. Add an ink and rust top to navy bottoms. Or pattern mix with ink windowpane and a rust patterned top. Complete the look with navy footwear that works with the bottoms, and a navy bag.

Navy Top & Rust Bottom

Combine a pair of rust trousers with a navy top. Feel free to throw in a patterned top in the same palette. Finish off the outfit with cognac footwear and ink bag. I’ve chosen fashionable booties with high shafts to wear with the cropped pants, and a navy sweater that would look good semi-tucked. 

Dark Blue Jeans & Rust Top 

Dark denim can represent the navy in the outfit, which means that once you’ve combined it with a rust top, you’re done. I chose dark denim flares and paired them with a short rust dress for a tunic effect. Animal print footwear picks up the colours of the rust. A scarf adds a decorative touch. And an ink or rust topper is insulating on a colder day. Add jewellery, watch and headgear as desired. 

If rust is not your colour, wear a column of navy or ink and add cognac through footwear and accessories to represent the rust in the outfit.

Ensemble: Rust & Navy