With New York Fashion Week officially kicking off today, I wanted to share some links about the big biannual fashion event.

Fab Links from Our Members

In theory Marlene agrees with John Oliver’s view on fast fashion. “But with 98% of America’s clothing manufactured outside of the USA, where am I supposed to get my clothes?” she asks.

JAileen found this slideshow of Queen Elizabeth II’s outfits throughout her reign fascinating.

Sally reminds us that people have pores. “The next time you see an ad like this and find yourself lamenting your ‘bad skin’, gently remind yourself that the vast majority of the ‘good skin’ you’re being shown has been digitally improved.”  So true, Angie says.

No more puffy puffer coats, says Skylurker, now that “Thindown“, the first 100% natural goose down fabric is here.

Vildy was interested in Alyx Gorman’s take on why Australia is not a nation of coat-wearers.

Six underground unisex labels that prove that fashion is bored of gender norms. Robin adds: “The more we turn the idea of what people should be wearing on its head, the more safe and free people will feel to be creative and self-expressive with their clothes.”

Annagybe came across the “Fibonnaci skirt“, a great project that truly merges science and fashion.

Laura (rhubarbgirl) directs us to an interesting interview with a historian of 20th century American culture about why Americans dress so casually and what that means.