The holidays are special at the Cox Castle this year because it’s our first Christmas with Sam. The Yorkshire Terrier who came into our lives when he was ten weeks is now eight months old, weighs six pounds, and is as precious as can be. He keeps us on our toes with his boundless energy, hilarious behaviour, and adoring affection. He has a very bold, smart and sweet personality, and is the most playful puppy of all time. Sam enjoys his toys more than his food, and he loves his food! His gruff big-dog bark is adorable and he takes his watchdog role very seriously. 

Xmas Sam - Couch Walk

Xmas Sam - Couch Toy

We do a lot of celebrating and socializing at this time of year and enjoy looking festive and spreading good cheer. Sam’s holiday capsule was fun to put together and also quite the learning curve for his fashion stylist Mama. Unlike our other Yorkies Rosie and Jasmine, Sam does NOT like to wear sweaters, coats, T-shirts, or collars that jingle. His free spirit and very playful lifestyle mean that unfussy accessories that are soft, lightweight and comfortable are the only way to go. Sam’s holiday ensembles have to be an extension of his collar so that they don’t get in the way of eating, playing, bone chewing, sleeping, standing guard, walking and cuddling. 

Xmas Sam - Styling

Xmas Sam - Table

Xmas Sam - Bowtie

After some trial and error, I found just the right pieces for Sam’s holiday look. A dapper bow tie and a fun reversible bandana. As luck would have it, the one side of the bandana is black which is Greg’s happy colour, while the other side is lime green — my happy colour. Sam is indifferent to the colours of his wardrobe items. As long as he can play in his outfit – he’s happy as a clam.

Xmas Sam - Couch Toy

Xmas Sam - Black Bandana

We can’t adequately express how much we love our little Sam. He makes our house a home and enriches our lives in that incomparable way that doggies do. We at YLF wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas, and safe travels.

Xmas Sam - Green Bandana

Xmas Sam - Angie