Having a wardrobe full of fabulous clothing, footwear and accessories is one thing, but putting it all together to create fabulous outfits is quite another. It’s here, at the outfit creation phase, that many of my clients get stuck. That’s why we have regular outfit creation sessions. 

But these sessions can be a bit of a slog for my clients. It takes hours and the chaos that is created as a byproduct of the process is quite something to behold. There are clothes, shoes and accessories everywhere

I spoke to Greg about this and it wasn’t long before he came up with a brilliant solution that creates outfits at the click of a button. Simple, fast, no fuss, and no mess. 

Here’s how it works in one step:

  1. Go to the random outfit generator page

Bob’s your Uncle. In front of you is your random outfit. Click the “Generate” button to create more outfits. The items we use are drawn randomly from the thousands of pieces that our members have collected using the Finds feature. If you’re a member and you have used the Finds feature to create a virtual online wardrobe, you can tell the outfit generator to only use items from your wardrobe. You can also press the button to post about your outfit in the forum and the items will be automatically attached to the bottom of your post.

Keep hitting that generate button and get access to an almost infinite set of outfit combinations. If you’re after more creative ways to wear the items in your wardrobe, the random outfit generator puts automated style evolution at your fingertips. For now we only support the formula of a topper, top, bottom, footwear and a bag. In future we will be adding dress outfits and other variations.

You might find some of the outfits you generate jarring or disconnected because, of course, the generator is picking the combinations completely randomly. In fact, sometimes they can move from “just flattering enough” to “downright unflattering“, but I think that’s a small price to pay for the creativity you’ll be unleashing with your new outfits. Irregular juxtapositions and unexpected combinations are stylish and fashion forward. You could be setting the next big fashion trend.

I can’t thank Greg enough for coming up with this fun and practical style tool. I’m committed to using it every day, starting today. When I pressed the generate button last night, this is the combination it presented. Colourful, pattern-rich, on trend and comfortable.

All I had to do was partially tuck the sweatshirt to create a longer leg line with the high waisted cropped pants. I’ll admit that the athletic sneakers were a bit of a stretch, but luckily the bright pink of the clutch picks up the pink accents on the sneakers, pulling the look together. Just the kind of serendipity that makes the generator so much fun to use.

April One Outfit

I should note that while the generator does save time, it doesn’t let you off the hook completely. After all, it’s still important that the items fit well, and that they are good quality.

Like all new features, there are bound to be some teething problems. If you have any technical issues, give us a shout via the technical support category in the forum if you’re a member, or using the contact form if you’re not.

I’m looking forward to seeing your new outfits in the forum. We hope you enjoy this exciting way to accelerate your style journey in a completely new direction!

April One - Close

April One - Awkward

April One - Sweater Close

April One - Sweater