It looks like an explosion in a garment factory when I’m creating outfits with a client. There are piles of clothes, shoes and accessories everywhere, along with snacks and many cups of tea. I often find myself searching for the camera to document outfits because it gets lost under piles of garments. Occasionally I’ll use a rolling rack in an attempt to keep the clothes organized, popping them back onto the rack when we’re not using them for a particular outfit. But as much as I try to keep things neat throughout these sessions, it’s to no avail.  

These days I don’t even try to keep things neat because the effort takes my attention away from the creative process. And that’s no good at all. So I boil down the temporary mess to a creative and productive work session. When I’m creating outfits at home with a new piece that might earn a place in my own wardrobe, our room is a shambles as I traipse a set of clothes and shoes to and from the walk-in closet to our full-length mirror, leaving a trail of belts and eyewear along the way. And that’s okay. 

The outfit creation process is a climactic and crucial point in your style journey. This is when it all comes together. It determines how you ultimately show the world your sense of style. If it means making a mess when you’re putting together an outfit first thing in the morning, in the evening, or during a dedicated outfit creation session — go for it. Bless the mess, and shoot for the best outfit combinations.