Many of my clients and friends don’t wear pretty underwear, like matching bra and panty sets with gorgeous lace and trims in beautiful colours and patterns. Here are some of their reasons they give. 

  • There is no point in spending money on items that for the most part are hidden from the public. 
  • Non-nude or black underwear is impractical.
  • Bras and panties are much like serviceable gear. As long as they do the practical minimizing, contouring and camouflaging trick, and is extremely comfortable to wear, aesthetics are less important. 
  • My body doesn’t deserve to wear pretty underwear. 
  • I’m too old to wear cute underwear. 
  • Beautiful underwear creates lumps, bumps and lines underneath your clothes.
  • They don’t make pretty bras in my bra size.
  • Lace is scratchy and uncomfortable.
  • Spending my budget on beautiful underwear is at the bottom of my list of wardrobe priorities.
  • It’s just too expensive. 
  • I like to wear 100% cotton panties and that’s why they never match my bra.
  • I don’t care if my panties don’t match my bra.
  • It makes no difference to my partner whether I wear so called pretty underwear. 
  • I don’t need to wear pretty underwear to make myself feel desirable.

Personally, I have gone through stages with my underwear and some of the stages were prettier than others. Since my late teens, it has been an absolute must to wear a bra and panty that matches. This is a style idiosyncrasy for which I have no logical explanation, other than that I feel unstylish when they don’t match. They needn’t be part of the same matching set but they MUST match in terms of colour, pattern and fabrication, and look like a set.

Furthermore, when I was growing up my Mum said many times that spending money on bras and panties was a good idea. These foundation garments make you feel attractive and supported, are wardrobe workhorses, and make your clothes hang better. The advice stuck. 

In my twenties I wore pretty lacy underwear in colours, along with nude, black and white. I loved to wear light blue, green, red and pink underwear, in solids and florals. In my thirties I only wore black, white and nude underwear sans lace or trim, going for the modern sporty look. Although my bras always matched my panties, I found my underwear style quite depressing after a while. So in my forties I added back in “the pretty” with lace, pattern, and a bit of colour. 

A month shy of 43 and I am in the mood to wear really pretty underwear more than ever before. There is something about the romantic, lacy, trimmed and patterned matching set that makes my style feel better from the inside out. Pretty underwear also makes me feel attractive and desirable. I do have a hard time finding colourful bras in a 28DD or 30D, but I can find extremely pretty bras in neutrals with panties to match them. I vote YAY, YAY, YAY for pretty underwear. 

Over to you. Do you like to wear pretty underwear with lace and trim, and in non-neutrals? Do you match your bra and panties? Do you feel more attractive when you wear pretty underwear? Or is underwear merely serviceable gear that does a practical and comfortable job, and where aesthetics are of little importance?

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