I generally prefer a mismatched look, but my style quirk is being matchy-matchy in the extreme about certain specific items. 

One, my bra and knickers MUST match both in colour and fabrication. They don’t need to be the same brand, but they must look like a matching set. No matter how fab my outfit, it won’t feel right unless my bra and undies match each other. Second, the metals on my watch and wedding ring must match too. I’ll wear my platinum wedding ring with silver watches, and my gold wedding rings with a gold watch. I feel sloppy and untidy when they are mismatched. 

Of course, mismatching your undies and metals is stylishly acceptable. Maybe this is just a quirk, or perhaps it’s a form control that somehow makes me feel more organized about my day. I am a control freak. 

Do you have any quirky aspects to your style?