When I first thought about this poll it was a no brainer. Team Mismatch all the way. After a little more thought I realized it wasn’t as simple as that.

Generally, I prefer a mismatched look.  When putting together an ensemble, I prefer it when the colours don’t match perfectly. If I wear more than one green in an outfit, for example, I prefer them to have slightly different hues. I also don’t like to match the colour of my shoes, belt and handbag. Not only with each other, but also with the top in my outfit. I don’t think that I have ever repeated the same bright colour more than twice in an outfit (if red lips don’t count). Recently I’ve even taken to mixing metals.

Then again, there are some situations when I do like to match the colours in my outfit! I like to match my scarves with my gloves, or handbag. For fancy occasions I often match up red shoes with a red clutch. I enjoy wearing champagne pearls with chestnut boots. I love wearing my white watch with white specs and white Dr. Marten boots, and occasionally I wear the same colour belt and shoes. And of course, best of all, I adore bookending my outfits with cream shoes.

Hmmm. Well, after some serious thought I’m staying on Team Mismatch because I mismatch more than I match. But choosing a Team was harder than I thought it would be.

Over to you. Are you Team Match or Team Mismatch? Tell us why. The Holidays are over so absolutely no batting for both Teams. If you match and mismatch the colours in your outfit equally, I’ll see you on the bench at half time.