Outstanding Outfit Bloggers
Today Inge is kicking off a new column at YLF where she will showcase a different outfit blogger every two weeks.
Meet Italian-based blogger Antonietta (34), proud owner of a big Italian vintage closet and firm believer in smiling to increase one’s style quotient and happiness factor. “Trying to live a creative and sustainable life” is her motto. Thrifting, shopping vintage, DIY and recycling projects are near to her heart. She started documenting her outfits in May 2012 over at My Vintage Curves as an exercise to learn to love her curvy body:

“I’ve always been a curvy girl, I have a typical Italian body shape (I’m a pear) and even when I was a teenager and I was skinnier than now my seat and hips were bigger than other girls’. I couldn’t stand this fact and I constantly tried to slim down with very strict diets. But growing up I understood that this is my body and there’s no reason to think that it’s wrong only because it doesn’t respect the fashion rules. So I started enhancing my curves and being more feminine and classy. I said to myself: ‘This is me and I like the way I am.’ My blog helped me so much, it was, it is, like a therapy.”


Antonietta often wears heels, but I love her in flats just as much. Case in point, this classic button-down and skirt look with whimsical flair. How could sporting a pleated elephant print skirt not make you smile, right? It’s vintage, as are the beige Cacharel belt that accentuates her waist and bustline (one of her figure flattery priorities), gold-toned flats and brown leather bag. This outfit made her feel like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. I say it’s a perfect ensemble for a spot of sightseeing in present-day Rome too.

2 & 3

Pretty Pears often shy away from adding extra volume to their bottom half, convinced that they can’t wear the new baggy and slouchy trouser silhouettes. Well, follow Antonietta’s example, ladies, and give them a bash anyway. Styling is key, and she gets the proportions exactly right. The outfit above on the left is built around slim-fitting cargo pants. Tucking in an oversized, 3/4-sleeved cargo shirt in the same colour family creates a flattering tonal effect. The tribal-inspired pendant, silk scarf used as a belt and the dainty pumps add just enough sweet ladylike touches. (Clever trick: use elastic bands to roll up the pants and let them pouf out into frilly hems.) I find the harem pants look on the right absolutely delightful too. Modern tomboy chic in black and white. The hip length blazer over the tucked-in top and refined sandals balance out the proportions, while the layered necklaces and floral brooch add a playful retro contrast. Antonietta’s gorgeous brown curls are the icing on the cake, adding heaps of alluring ladylike charm to the boyish nonchalance outfit basis.


Trench coats are timeless classics, and we often tend to buy them in neutrals like black and beige. I actually love them in bright and more unusual colours too, and believe they can be just as versatile. So I was happily surprised to see Antonietta rocking this light blue version. So fresh, and stunning on brunettes. It’s a blue-themed outfit from head to toe that cost less than 30 euros in total, can you believe it! I hereby crown her Queen Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire. The marbled blue and white print frock give it her signature retro touch, the baguette-style clutch is a well-chosen happy splash of contrasting colour, and the fab peep-toe booties are the on trend accessory that finishes it all off. 


Almost head-to-toe vintage and my personal favourite! The green pencil skirt and 100% silk blouse are ’70s pieces. It looks quite modern, don’t you think, with the banded hem? Plus the white stripes add exactly the right amount of crispness to the overall look. I’m a graphic pattern loving minimalist at heart, so it’s no surprise this outfit stole my heart. Strong pieces and simple, clean lines do all their own talking. Antonietta undeniably has a great eye for details too: note how the stripes in the beautiful dark green clutch are echoed in the bandage design of the new peep-toe booties. They probably caught your eye in the trench coat outfit too. Here’s to bloggers who aren’t afraid of reusing and remixing clothing items and accessories in their outfit posts.


Antonietta inherited her passion for vintage from her grandmother, a seamstress with a knack for restyling old clothes. She knew the value of original Italian couturier items all too well and bought them for a few pounds from people who no longer wanted them. Antonietta started doing the same, in the meantime relatives and friends also gave her entire chests of clothing for free because they couldn’t see the potential. Antonietta can! And if she doesn’t have the right vintage piece, she’ll just as happily recreate the vibe with contemporary items. Inspired by the recent Hitchcock movie with its glorious outfits, Antonietta decided to do a ’50s look with this beautiful black and white midi cocktail dress as the centre piece. She cinched in the waist with a simple black belt, added a black long-sleeved shrug, dainty white pumps and a kicky bag. But I’ll be honest: she had me with the fascinator fashioned from a scarf!

Thank you Antonietta for sharing your outfits with us. I sure had a hard time picking just six outfits from your big Italian vintage closet, there are so many treasures in there. Be sure to check them all out on her blog and discover what inspires her on Pinterest too. But first let us know what you think about Antonietta’s vintage-inspired style. Do you also have a favourite?