Your figure flattery priorities in the comments on what makes an outfit flattering were very interesting. So it’s time for another poll.

Given the choice, would you prefer to define your waist, or create a longer leg line? Most of you probably prefer to do both, either in the same outfit, or choosing one over the other in different outfits. But I’m interested in your priorities here, so no batting for both Teams — you have to pick a side!

I’m on Team leg line, which means that I like to wear outfits that make my legs look normal length or slightly longer. I also love creating a waistline in my outfits and often wear form fitting clothing. But I enjoy wearing voluminous clothing that hides my waistline just as much. I find it a fun look because it draws attention to alternative parts of the body, like your neck, limbs and face. However, I will never shorten my leg line. That doesn’t mean I wear heels frequently though (I’m still on Team Flats). You can absolutely create longer leg lines by wearing certain outfit silhouettes, and my feet are grateful for that.

So given the choice, I’d rather surrender my waistline than shorten my leg line. How about you? Are you on Team Waistline or Team Leg Line? Tell us why.