Today will be a slow day at YLF. After the July 4 independence day celebrations yesterday, today is a public holiday in the US. For those of you who do make it to the site, it is once again time to pick sides…

Most of us wear both heels and flats — heels for dressier occasions and flats for more casual settings — but I’m asking you to pick a side anyway.

I don’t ever wear heels higher than three inches and platform shoes are out of the question unless I don’t have to move at all. Three inch heels are reserved for “sitting occasions” only and for the rest of the time I’m in flats or low heels (one to two inches). As much as I adore wearing low heels and the occasional three incher, I’m most comfortable in flat boots and ballet flats.

So without a doubt I’m Team Flats. We might not have the much sought after long leg line, but we’ll outrun Team Heels for sure.

Are you Team Heels or Team flats? Tell us why you chose that team and no batting for both sides. Sorry!