I know these items as “sleeveless denim jackets” because in English-English a vest is an item of underwear. But in the US these rugged little darlings are called denim vests. So be it! I just became more American.

Denim vests are extremely versatile because they function like denim jackets sans the sleeves. Their ventilating advantage is a great idea if you’re after the visual effect of an extra layer without quite as much warmth. We often leave off our jackets in Summer because it’s too hot. But by leaving off our jackets our outfits can lack the edge or arty interest that the right jacket provides. A denim vest is one solution.

I like denim vests best in stonewashed blues because that’s when they look the most rugged. But they are lovely in white and black denim too. Wear them over dresses and with breezy skirts, with white or black jeans, clamdiggers or shorts, harem pants, cargos, pencil skirts – you name it. Every gal needs a denim jacket or denim vest. The item has the genius ability to dress down just about anything and add the perfect cool vibe. Love the look over a sleeveless top or dress too.

Forum members Greenglove, Chewyspaghetti, Louise, Tanya and cciele rock their denim vest outfits in this thread. Very, very fab.

Levi's Trucker Denim Vest Hinge Stretch Denim Vest Black Stretch Denim Vest AE  Denim Vest J. Crew Denim Vest Siwy Jeans Liela Vest

My wonderful friend Lori, who lives in hot Los Gatos, CA, bought the hinge denim vest on sale from Nordstrom when we went shopping together a few weeks ago. She looked sensational in that vest!