My harem pants are never going to fly in a strictly casual outfit because they’re made of a formal, shiny fabric. That’s why they are easy to dress up for fancier occasions like you saw in this ensemble. But I can absolutely dress them down and here’s how I do it.

I like to add a button down shirt of sorts because the stiffness and strictness of the shirt contrasts well with the flow-y softness of the pants. Also, I quite like the unexpected pairing of modern classic pieces with uber on-trend items. The top half of me looks classic in an Ann Fontaine shirt with pearls, while the bottom half is fashion forward in harem pants.

I have used a black camisole because it accentuates the shirt detailing, and because it creates a unbroken line underneath the shirt. I could have tucked in the shirt, but prefer the vibe relaxed and un-tucked. I finish off the look with flat sandals or ballet fats. These happen to be the $40 sandals from Macy’s that I put into the store.

Harem Pants - More Casual Outfit

For an even more casual look, I like to throw on my denim jacket and add a cross body bag. I’m a woven blouse or button down shirt gal so that’s my preference for under the jacket. Alternatively, substituting those with a knit top or T-shirt works just as well and further dresses down the pants.

Sure, pearls are dressy no matter how you look at it. But I wear pearls with Converse sneakers and that’s “my casual”. I painted our door frame with pearls around my neck. Enough said.