These “Voyage” sandals might not knock your socks off right now, but wait till you pop them onto your feet. Absolutely heavenly. They are lightweight, soft, fairly structured, feminine and hands down the most comfortable pair of sandals I have EVER had on my extremely fussy feet.

The elastic ankle strap is genius because it hits below the ankle, which is a flattering position for all ankle types. It also stretches as you stride. The toe strap isn’t quite as stretchy but it’s also forgiving, which means that wider feet and feet with bunions should also try this style. And the fabulously low wedge heel adds just enough height, while the balls of your feet rejoice with relief. No strap digging, rubbing or clucking noises.

These sandals are available in equally versatile metallic and black. I bought the metallic and needed to size down half a size. They are a no-brainer paired with skirts, dresses and walk shorts, but I like them even better with leggings, cigarette pants and skinnies.

I was so, so, so smitten with the comfort level of these inexpensive sandals that I almost bought two pairs right away. Then I remembered that I live in Seattle. It’s going to be months before it’s warm enough to wear these out around here, but when temperatures start to soar I’ll have very happy feet.

Voyage Sandal BlackVoyage Sandal - New Pewter