Denim Shirt with Ball GownYesterday I mentioned that I like my denim shirt best when it’s matched with dressy items, like a dressy skirt. To quote one of our readers: “I like the sound of the flop-proof casual outfits, but it’s the contrast between dressier items and the denim shirt that makes my heart beat faster”. My sentiments exactly.

As a humble salute to the incomparable Audrey, I’ve taken one of the dressiest items in my closet and paired it with a denim shirt. How’s THAT for dressing down a formal item of clothing.

My vintage inspired ball gown has a fitted bodice and tulle skirt lining so the only way that I could make the pairing work was by knotting the the front ends of the denim shirt and scrunching the sleeves in true retro 50’s style. I add a vintage handbag, black fishnets and the usual classic pile of pearls. But I kept on my modern specs and watch, and threw in silver wedge, sling-back sandals.

This is definitely a more daring way to wear a denim shirt. I expect it to be an acquired taste. But I really appreciate the contrast between luxurious and rugged items so it works for me, especially if it means that I get to wear my ball gown more often.

The dress code of this outfit is a little blurry. Dressy smart casual or creative cocktail would probably be my guess.