Bikinis, hipsters, boyshorts, briefs, high-cuts, thongs, with or without shaping panels, and a large assortment of colours — there is tons of variety in panty silhouettes these days. Yet we’re still searching for perfect undies. I get bored of a certain style of panty after a while and want to change things up. As soon as it’s time to replenish my undies I look for a newer and better style. 

The assortment of styles here have been winners with my clients, and I’ve road tested a few styles too. 

  1. DKNY Delicate Essentials Bikini: Soft, comfy, cotton-rich and does not ride up the bottom. Read the rave reviews. 
  2. Wacoal Awareness High-Cut Briefs: Great all-over coverage without feeling like you’re wearing huge un-alluring panties. 
  3. Shimera Seamless Boyshorts: I used to wear these exclusively a few years ago but found that the “Vanishing Edge” boyshorts from Soma were an even better fit. But I still have many happy clients in this simple boyish style. 
  4. DKNY Underslimmers Cute Girl Slimming Briefs: Conturing, covering and slimming sans the stiffness of spanx. 
  5. TC Wonderful Edge Boyshorts: These were recommended by a sales assistant and I love their retro look. I have a pair on the way to me and will keep you posted. I have high hopes that these will be fabulous. 
  6. DKNY Underslimmers Signature Lace Shaping Briefs: More comfortable control and coverage that doesn’t feel like you’re having the living daylights sucked out of you. Pretty lace panelling. 
  7. Hanky Panky Lace Trim Knit Boyshorts: I LOVE these, and they’re my new favourite pair of undies. I adore the lace trim and low cut, which is a little different for my style after wearing high-rise boyshorts for years. They don’t ride up my bottom and I can barely feel that I’m wearing them. No panty lines. I wish they weren’t this expensive, but my word are they pretty, flattering and comfortable. I’m stocking up. 
  8. Natori Bliss Girl Shorts: These are the cheaper version of the hanky panky lace trim knit boyshorts, and I enjoy wearing them too. Extra lightweight. They are low cut so consider yourself warned. 
  9. Wacoal B Smooth Briefs: A comfy basic. Read the rave reviews. 
  10. Shimera Full Briefs (Plus): These are the top choice for my plus size clients because they are comfortable and flattering. The elastic is soft and does not cut into the skin, and there is plenty of coverage over the bottom. Lots of stretch, no panty lines, and super lightweight. 
  11. Cosabella Never Say Never Cutie Thong: This is an alternative to the oh so popular hanky panky lace thong. Some prefer the Cosabellas because they last longer, keep their elasticity, and are available in more colours.  
  12. Hanky Panky Regular Rise Thong (Plus): Probably the best plus size thong on the market. 

Comfortable undies are vitally important. My day is ruined when I’m wearing panties that ride up or shift around. I’ve been a boyshorts gal for many years, and continue to love the retro look of the style. I’m also wearing girl shorts, which is just a low rise version of boyshorts. What’s your favourite panty silhouette?

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