Research published by KISSMetrics found that orange was the least favourite colour amongst women, and that purple and blue were the favourites. This was back in 2011, but I have found it to be generally true for my clients over the years. Most shades of purple and blue are hits, whereas orange doesn’t go down so well. I should add that orange does seem to be more palatable on footwear and handbags than it is on clothing.

Lets put the research to the test on YLF by comparing your preferences for orange and purple. All shades of orange and purple count. 

I’m in the minority because I prefer shades of orange to shades of purple. I love tomato red (a very orange red), coral and peach. I do occasionally wear a bright mid-tone purple (I have a cashmere pullover in the colour), but I bat for Team Orange.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Orange or Team Purple? Tell us why and no batting for both teams. If you can’t pick a side, sit this one out on the bench with some Sichuanese Cheng Du Noodles.